10 Reasons to Eat Better for Your Body

There are some people who do not understand the struggle to eat healthy. They “eat to live” as my mom would say. For them, food is fuel, a necessity that keeps the “engine running”. For the rest of us, food has become more than just fuel. It may be the flavors or mouth-feel. It could be a coping mechanism. Maybe it is an addiction. But, there is some pull to the foods that are not the healthiest for our bodies. We need reasons to eat better. Reasons stronger than the attraction to the foods that are not the best for us.

I, myself, am a “live to eat” person. I love how food tastes, and how it makes me feel… at least for the first 5 minutes… after that, my body is Very unhappy when I make the wrong choices! As much as I enjoy eating a variety of foods, there are many reasons to eat better for my body instead of my tastebuds. This is a small list that I’m sure you would agree with.

Note book with reasons to eat better.

1. Clothes fit better.

Nothing makes you feel more uncomfortable in your clothes than being bloated. It sucks having to try on a bunch of shirts or pants to see what fits… and then you can choose your outfit! I remember when I was in my 20’s and everything fit great. Those were great days. *sigh* But, the good news is that now, we know more about what really helps with weight loss and gut health. Being bloated doesn’t have to be a way of life!

2. Sleeping Better.

When sleep is poor, you don’t want to wake up. The snooze button helps bring you back to reality. I used to set my alarm early, so I would have time to hit snooze at least 3 or 4 times. Waking up groggy is a tough way to start the day. It takes longer to get into action. When I eat better I notice that I don’t need that snooze button. Waking up refreshed is such a great feeling. You feel like you can just get into the day. Coffee isn’t even really a requirement (although I still love the taste). When I eat better, I feel like I could actually be a morning person!

3. Having energy.

Chronic fatigue makes the whole day, week, and month drag by. Life is so much harder when you constantly need a boost. Coffee can help, but only to an extent. It’s pretty amazing when, after a few days of eating better you can make it through the day with needing less rest. You can get more done because the fatigue is less. Stick with the foods that make you feel better long enough and you will forget that you needed to rest often to make it through the day.

4. Glowing skin, less acne.

I definitely noticed a difference in my skin when I ate sugar and junk food vs. eating foods that are actually good for my body. Sugar and other inflammatory foods can cause small bumps on your face, acne, or rosacea. Food sensitivities can also cause these problems. Skin care can help, but it doesn’t get to the root cause.

5. Improve stomach problems.

There is nothing worse than constipation or diarrhea. When it doesn’t come out, or it comes out too much, it’s a problem. I’ve found there are a few gut irritants that are the main culprits, but there may be others. When I avoid them, life is good! Another gut issue that is a very common problem… GERD or acid reflux. Avoiding or greatly reducing sugar, refined grains, alcohol and refined oils can improved your gut health and reduce GERD symptoms.

6. Healthier teeth and gums.

I was wrong… even worse than stomach problems is mouth problems. Having tooth pain or gum issues is something that I hope no one has to go through. But, our current Standard American Diet has caused 1 out of 4 adults to have cavities. When we slow down the sugar and refined grain intake, we will see our mouths are happier, and easier to keep clean and healthy.

7. Less joint pain.

It’s not just old age that causes joint pain. There may be different causes of this pain and stiffness, but the most common is inflammation. What causes the inflammation? You guessed it! Inflammatory foods. – sugar, refined grains, refined oils and foods that cause sensitivities. Before I found the Way of Eating that has helped me, I felt like i was 80 in my 30’s. It was tough going up and down stairs! Now, I feel better in my 40’s than I did in my 30’s because I know what to avoid.

8. Better blood pressure.

This is my biggest reason for watching my food choices. I have tried hard to keep my blood pressure normal over the years. Unfortunately, high blood pressure is in my genetics. I could sit here and except my fate, or I could realize that there are certain foods that trigger my blood pressure and pulse to elevate. Once I “behaved myself”, my blood pressure was the best I had seen in years!

9. Less brain fog.

Trying to concentrate with brain fog is like walking through mud. It is very difficult and exhausting. It is frustrating. That’s all I can say about Brain Fog. But, it is awesome when the fog clears. Mental clarity is a wonderful thing. When your brain is no longer inflamed by your food choices thinking becomes much easier.

10. Enjoy life more.

With better sleep, more energy, and less health issues all you can do now is live life to the fullest! What would you like to do more of if you had more energy and less health issues?

What are your Reasons to Eat Better?

These reasons to eat better are so important to me to remember when I start to feel pulled towards foods that are not ok for my body. Even now, after learning how my body functions and feels best, I am still battling my “carb addiction”. It was much easier to pick my own foods to keep in the house before I had kids. My kids don’t eat the same way I do. At this point, they don’t need to, and they can have some junk food in the house. It is important to keep myself from raiding their stash! I can indulge at parties and cookouts, but if I indulge too much or too often, my body will let me know! I hope this list is helpful for you to get started on your own list that will help you stay on track.

Which reasons to eat better did you agree most with? What other reasons would you add to your own list? If you need help with making a list or sticking to it, contact me and we can work together!

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