A Big Diabetes Myth

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There has been a prevailing opinion of both health care providers and patients alike. This is the big diabetes myth:

“Diabetes is a Progressive Disease.”

When we believe this myth, Diabetes management becomes more about what treatment option is going to be added if the A1c continues to go up, and less about the lifestyle choices that have created the high A1c.

diabetes medicine with sugar and donuts. The diabetes myth is that it has to get worse.

But, diabetes doesn’t have to be progressive. It only gets worse if we continue doing the same things (sitting on the couch), and eating the same things (45-60g of carbs per meal!).

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

We know that type 2 diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance. Therefore, if we reduce the need for insulin, the resistance will decrease. It is important to remember that we built up this insulin resistance over time. It is going to take time and effort to reverse the progression.

Can you reverse diabetes?

People have asked me if they can reverse their diabetes. That answer is complicated. It depends on how long they have had diabetes, and any damage they have caused – neuropathy (nerve damage), nephropathy (kidney damage), retinopathy (eye damage), or heart disease. Unfortunately, some issues will not return to normal if the damage is more severe. But, the progression could halt, and possibly improve. For anyone newly diagnosed, they could get their A1c back to normal again. They could avoid all the complications that come with diabetes.

It’s like taking a car that’s rolling forward and stopping it, and putting it in park or reverse. As long as you continue with the lifestyle changes you have made, you will keep your insulin resistance down, and your body will start to heal some. If you don’t continue what worked for you, and start eating the foods that you ate before, you will be putting the car in drive again.

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End the myth!

I know people want the cure for diabetes and insulin resistance. That would be awesome! But, when you go back to the habits that started you down that road in the first place, you can expect the same results. While you can’t “cure” diabetes, you can live a happy healthy life if you stick to the Way of Eating that works for you.

The important lesson is to find a Way of Eating that helps you stay healthy, while also being satisfying. That will be a Way of Eating you can stick with!

You do not have to believe the diabetes myth. You can make changes to help your body get better. Flavorful Education can help and support you.

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