Why is Nutrition Complicated?

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I become so frustrated for others when I see all these nutrition and diet books, websites, and videos with such complicated diet advice! 

  • Don’t eat this long list of harmful foods!
  • Make sure you eat these random superfoods!
  • Don’t forget these special expensive supplements! 
  • Take this magic pill!

We’ve been led to believe that you have to cut back on salt for high blood pressure.  Don’t eat cholesterol and saturated fat if you have high cholesterol. Definitely eat keto if you have diabetes. Be careful not to eat too much protein because you don’t want kidney disease. Nutrition professionals are often seen as the food police instead of helpful guides.

crop nutritionist taking notes during appointment, patients can find nutrition complicated.

Most people don’t need to watch That many aspects of their diet to see improvements in their health. Nutrition does not need to be complicated. It can really be quite simple. Not Easy, but simple. There’s a difference.  The changes that need to happen are usually simple. However, change is not always easy

Why make it more complicated than necessary? Also, why does everyone think that dieting has to be salads with low-fat dressing on the side, or Quinoa and kale chips? Eating healthy has become a chore instead of being satisfying and enjoyable.

Eating healthy can be simple if you understand what is the main problem that connects the top health problems here in United States – heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It boils down to insulin resistance. Understanding the connections to insulin resistance simplifies the problem and also the solution!

Whether you have been struggling to juggle complicated nutrition advice for a while, or just starting to look more at what you eat, I can definitely help to simplify your Way of Eating. You can message me through the form below or on the Contact page. It would be great to connect and discuss your needs.

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